Everything You Must Know About Pilot Travel Center In 2022!

Do you know who the owner of Pilot Flying J is? Have you ever heard about this organization from anyone? Keep surveying this writing to know in-depth details.

Many companies Worldwide attain publicity for involving in different matters. Moreover, some firms get highlighted for doing good deeds, whereas a few get backlash from individuals for providing poor customer service. Currently, huge audiences from the United States and the United Kingdom are interested in disclosing details on Pilot Flying J. Therefore, please continue reading to learn more about Pilot Travel Center.

Describing The Organization

While analyzing its official portal, we noted that the firm works with One9 Fuel Network and Flying J Travel Plazas to serve the facility of truck stops and gas stations. In addition, our research disclosed that the firm provides restrooms, fresh food, and shower facilities.

Also, from its website, we observed that Pilot Flying J agency’s headquarters is situated in Knoxville, Tennessee, employing thousands of people for seamless services. The company serves around 750-800 locations, so you can easily estimate its popularity by observing the figure. After reading the above section, you might be figuring out its owner details, so look below for the answer.

Who Is Pilot Travel Center Owner?

From an authentic source, we spotted that FJ Management, Pilot Corporation and Berkshire Hathaway are its owners. However, Jim Haslam is the founder of Pilot Flying J. We hope that you have now realized the basic details of this organization. Currently, the company attained a vast reputation and acclamation, becoming the largest Travel Center in the US. Also, it is the third largest dealer of quick service restaurants.

The source indicated that it also provides travel maintenance services at some of its locations. If you want more information about Pilot Travel Center, kindly read the paragraph below and learn ahead.

Additional Information

This section will display the legit reviews attained by this organization and store details, so if you want to study and notice the reality, keep scrolling.
  • In 1981, the first truck stop was opened by Pilot Flying J.
  • The organization has around 26 000 employees.
  • We detected nearly 2,529 reviews on its Facebook page, attaining 3.3/5 stars.
  • Our research on Pilot Travel Center Owner noticed only an average of 3 stars rating and 12 reviews over Trustpilot for the organization.
  • 35 Customer reviews have given this firm a 3.5/5 stars rating on Yelp.
Therefore, considering all the feedback, we saw that Pilot Flying J retained only an average rating. But, it is upto you to consider it for attaining its services.

The Concluding Lines

We explained all the essential titbits of Pilot Flying J, including its founder details, reviews gathered, and service details. Overall, Pilot Travel Center collected an average rating from customers. For more details, you can visit here and proceed accordingly with it.

Is Pilot Travel Center Good? Kindly give your valuable insights regarding its business in the comment box.

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